Chris writes for educational publishers as M. M. Eboch.

Nonfiction Books:

Sweet Eats

Four books in the Sweet Eats with a Side of Science series

Living through World War I  and Living through World War II

Ten books in the Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints series, including Data Mining, The Next Mass Extinction, Masculinity in the 21st-

Century, Voting Rights, Identity Politics

Science on the Ice/Life on the Ice, Art that Heals

The Way People Live: Life Among the Maya and Decoding Mayan

An Eye on Ecosystems, and A System of Life

Inside the Gold Industry and Inside the Sugar Industry

Mechanical Engineering in the Real World and Great Achievements in Mechanical Engineering

nonfiction sampleBig Data and Privacy Rights

Race and Economics

World War I Battlefield Medicine

Sustainable Farming: Free-Range Livestock, Frankenfood, and The Green Movement

Native American Code Talkers

A History of Film and A History of Television

Transportation Technology, Medical Technology, and Energy Technology

Chaco Canyon, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, andAboriginal Canadian Communities: The Salish

Hershey 233x336Living with Dyslexia

Science Measurements, Science Tools, Under the Microscope, and Magnets in the Real World

Jesse Owens: Young Record Breaker and Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier, Childhood of Famous Americans series

Modern Nations of the World: Turkey and Modern Nations of the World: Yemen

Fiction Work for Hire:

World Adventure novels (6)Monster Island, Walking the Dragon’s Back, and An Artful Adventure

Adventure at Terrapin Bay

The Green Tomato Mystery, Lizard Seeks the Sun, and Visit to Earth